Happy 2023 all! The new year also means it’s the end of a much needed and appreciated holiday break. Tomorrow our work routine begins again. So as I savor the end of the time off, I got thinking about upping my lunch game to have easy things on hand that are healthier than what I’d been eating. Not to mention easy to pack so I’m not staring at the fridge each morning wondering what to have!

First up, I tried a spin on my roasted squash casserole by roasting a small butternut squash with red onions. When it was done, I added chopped spinach, dried cranberries and tossed in some long grain rice for good measure. The squash came out really creamy (and it was super easy).

Next up, I tossed some diced eggplant with olive oil, soy sauce and garam masala and roasted till it was that amazing deep shade of brown. I added a couple limes to the bowl thinking some citrus would brighten up the spices.

Both were so easy, honestly I was kicking myself for not doing this sooner. The next thing I want to tackle is breakfast because on days I go to my office, I find I’m in a complete breakfast rut of granola topped with fruit and yogurt.

What are your favorite go-to lunches (or breakfasts on the go)?

May you enjoy them in good health and surrounded by those you love! Eat well friends!

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