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“Cook a recipe once and you’re playing a cover song. Cook it four or five times, though, and you’re playing a new arrangement, even if it’s relatively faithful to the original.”
Sam Sifton

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Charcuterie & Soup Friday

Well it was our first week back to the daily routine and I have to confess that by Friday, dinner was the last thing on my mind. But I decided to shake things up a bit by introducing charcuterie and soup…

What’s Cooking This Week: No Recipe Required

Sometimes it’s just fun to open the fridge and pantry and see where the inspiration takes you (especially if you’re trying to use up leftovers!) That’s where we were in the kitchen this week. One of my husband’s favorite throwback…

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs & Poutine

Oh it’s football playoff time with a generous side of college basketball mixed in, so we’re ready for some game day snacks. My family has developed an odd obsession with poutine (well, I guess we aren’t THAT far from Canada),…