So we have a challenge going on in the house now to see how many things we can use from the pantry and freezer. As I was taking stock of what I had to work with this week, I found a small zucchini in the produce bin. So I decided to start off with making zucchini puffs.

The base recipe is so simple for these and doesn’t really require any odd ingredients you don’t have on hand. While I always like them, the fans of spicier foods in my house find them to be a bit too mellow sometimes. I had some shredded pepper jack cheese that I used instead of the usual cheddar and I’m absolutely sold now. It had the perfect amount of kick. Well in my humble opinion (but I’m not hearing any complaints)

I’ve also been on a quest to up my lunch game with something healthy and satisfying. I love lettuce wraps, but they aren’t exactly the easiest to eat at work, so I decided to deconstruct them. I took a mix of lettuce, green cabbage, kale, shredded cabbage, red cabbage and green onions as a base. Keeping with our theme of using ingredients we have on hand, I tossed some leftover diced, cooked chicken with a healthy amount sweet & spicy Thai chili sauce (so I wouldn’t need extra dressing). Then I topped the whole thing with some honey roasted peanuts. All the flavors of a lettuce wrap with no mess!

So stay tuned as we see how Operation Pantry Cook goes. What are your pantry favorites? Now matter what they are, I hope you enjoy in good health and surrounded by those you love!

Eat well friends!

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