Game Day Go-To: Quesadillas

We’re getting back to our game day football routine (with a bonus side of MLB baseball playoffs). Plus we’re pretty confident that we’re enjoying the last warm weather of our season to get out and get grilling. So I took advantage of both those happy coincidences to make some sheet pan quesadillas.

Before kickoff, I seasoned some steak with a blend of fajita spices and grilled it until medium (you want to undercook it a bit because it will be going into the oven to finish up). I also threw some sliced peppers and onions in a foil pan with some butter and grilled them along side.

When everything was finished on the grill, I sprayed a cookie sheet with olive oil spray and laid four large flour tortillas so they were hanging over the side of the pan. Then I placed one tortilla in the center so the whole cookie sheet is covered up.

I sliced the beef and arranged in a layer over the tortillas. Then I added the grilled peppers and onions and topped everything with grated pepper jack cheese (or cheddar if you want to tone down the spice). I folded the overlapping tortillas over and topped with one more tortilla to make sure the filling was covered. I brushed the top with olive oil, covered with foil, then topped with another cookie sheet. I baked it for about 15 minutes in a 425 degree oven. Then I removed the top cookie sheet and put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes or until the top was golden brown. I sliced it into rectangles and served with salsa, guacamole (not pictured because I forgot to put it out right away), and sour cream.

What I love about this is that you can adapt it to include any meat and veggie combo that you want. The possibilities are endless!

What’s Cooking This Week

Well the weather has finally turned! The snow has moved out of the area and we’re enjoying some warm weather so that means firing up the grill. And I love being able to make a complete meal outside enjoying time chatting on the deck while we cook.

A summer favorite is pizza and wings on the grill (well who am I kidding, you know me by now, it’s an any time favorite at my house). But what made this one especially good was the garlic Parmesan wings. It’s taken me some time to master wings on the grill – they can dry out quickly. I’ve found that a quick brine helps keep them moist while they cook. I had about 18 wings, so I mixed 4 cups of water, a tablespoon of sugar and 5 tablespoons of sea salt and let the wings sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Pat the wings dry and toss with olive oil before grilling for about 8 minutes a side. While they were grilling, I melted a stick of butter in a foil pan, then added 4 minced cloves of garlic, some smoked paprika and salt and pepper. When everything was mixed, I added the grilled wings and threw in a couple good tablespoons of Parmesan. I tossed then with another couple tablespoons of Parmesan and served with the pizza.

Another summer favorite is stuffed flank steak on the grill. The stuffing is chopped spinach, chopped kalamata olives, seasoned bread crumbs, red wine vinegar, minced garlic and olive oil. The trickiest part is spreading the stuffing on the flank steak and rolling it up. I have yet to master the art of tying the flank steak neatly so the stuffing doesn’t fall out, but it’s a work in progress! I served with hash browns in the air fryer and grilled broccoli topped with bread crumbs tossed with olive oil and red pepper flakes.

Time for some menu planning for more grilling adventures! What are your favorite grilling tips? Most importantly, on the grill or not, eat well friends!